The Cuban-style salsa or Salsa Cubana also known as casino to distinguish it from other salsa styles. The cuban sals is really popular all around the world, mainly in Europe, North America and South America and Israel.The cuban salsa is part of the cuban culture and a key part of any social activitie.The cuban salsa is inspired by other music styles like cuban son, guracha, rumba, and Cha cha cha.

The salsa lessons in cuba are one of the favourite activities for all the visitors that wand to enjoy the cuban culture.

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Salsa lesson in cuba


The are many ways to have salsa lessons in Cuba, our favourite is the Salsafari experience wich is mainly divided in three parts:

  1. More traditional salsa lesson: in one or several roof tops in Havana, normally it is recomended to have at least a couple of hours of salsa lessons to learn the rithm and the basic steps before trying the heart of the salsafari experience. The salsa classes can me done with an idividual teacher, in groups or a mix of both. From our experience them  salsafari is adapted for all the levels.
  2. Salsafari: The idea is to discover cuba through the dance, is to have a salsa lesson in cuba while visiting all the emblematic spots of havana.  The old havana is well know for its life music everywhere so everytime you passed by street concert  you should practices and improve the moves learned previously in the clasic salsa lesson.
  3.  Nigh salsa lesson: during the night to complete the salsafari experience, we recomend to go with your salsa teachers to one of the best salsa venues of havana to have fun and keep improving your salsa dancing skils.

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